Mary E. Tippitt Memorial Library 120 Tiger Drive Townsend, TN 865-448-1441
Mary E. Tippitt Memorial Library120 Tiger DriveTownsend, TN865-448-1441


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It is time to renew your registration for your Kroger card.  If you have previously signed up to have your Kroger’s reward card benefit the Mary E. Tippitt Memorial Library please take the time to renew.  It is quick and easy.  You just follow the same procedure you used to sign up the first time.  The instructions are listed on the link here.  Thanks


Please help out the Mary E. Tippitt Memorial Library by doing something you may already do. By shopping at Kroger and using their rewards card you are eligible to register your card in their community rewards program. Each time you make qualifying purchases using your Kroger rewards card not only do you save money and earn points, but if you register your rewards card Kroger will donate a percentage of the amount you spend to the Mary E. Tippitt Memorial Library. Registering your reward card is easy just click on the donations and support button and then select Kroger’s community rewards for instructions and a link to their website so you can register your card.

Our second quarter was good with 26  households participating. Please let's see more householders sign up this quarter.

Thank you

Thanks for all the support and donations for the recent fall festival book sale. Keep them coming. We could use many more used CDs, books, movies. Please do not bring text books or magazines. These do not sell. Fiction, Nonfiction, Christian and Children's Books sell rapidly.

The book and bake sale has been changed to April 10. 9-5 at the library

You can now keep up with the activities going on at the library by following us on Linkedin.